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Example of a Siebel Development Upgrade Flow

Upgrades from: All Supported Siebel releases.

Environments: Development environment only.

This topic presents the flow of steps in part of a typical development environment upgrade. The steps are extracted from an actual driver file. To perform an upgrade, the Upgrade Wizard reads the steps in a driver file and performs the commands the steps contain.

The driver file type used in this example is as follows:

  • Upgrade: Siebel Industry Application (SIA) 7.7 to Siebel SIA 7.8
  • Environment: development
  • Upgrade mode: upgrep
  • Database: Oracle
  • Multilingual: No

Table 12 lists the steps in the driver file. Key steps are in bold.

The Script or Input File column in the table lists the SQL file or input file that is executed in each step. The Comment column provides a brief explanation of what the SQL file or input file does.

The SQL files used for an upgrade and the contents of the SQL files vary depending on the upgrade mode and database.

Table 12. Example of Steps in a Development Environment Upgrep
Script or Input File

Determine collation sequence of database.

Not applicable

Determines database sort order.

Verify repository name


Renames Siebel Repository to Prior Customer Repository.

Remove interface tables


Removes all EIM tables.

Remove database triggers


Removes all dynamically created triggers.

Remove database-level functions and procedures


Removes the exchange rate function exrate.

Prepare for table creation


Removes specified tables. Performs DDL operations such as adding columns to tables. Performs DML operations such as revising date formats.

Create temporary tables for SIA

  • ddlimp utility
  • ddl_temp_sia.ctl as input

The input file specifies the structure of the tables to be created or updated. These tables are used to perform data migration and other DML changes.

Prepare for table creation for SIA


Drops specified tables. Performs DDL operations such as adding columns to tables. Performs DML operations such as revising date formats.

Create and update tables

  • ddlimp utility
  • ddl.ctl as input

The ddl.ctl file specifies the structure of tables to be created or updated.

Create temporary tables for stored procedures

  • ddlimp utility
  • ddlsptbl.ctl as input

The input file specifies the structure of temporary tables to be created or updated.

Household data migration for FINS


Creates and populates specified temporary tables. Then migrates data to them and performs DML operations. Migrates data back to primary tables. Drops temporary tables.

Prepare for index creation


Performs DML operations. Moves data between tables. Changes data in existing fields based on specified conditions.

Prepare for index creation for SIA


Same as preschem.sql.

Create indexes

  • ddlimp utility
  • ddl.ctl as input

The input file specifies the structure of indexes to be created.

Delete old license key


Deletes the Siebel license key from S_APP_KEY.

Import seed data

  • dataimp utility
  • seedupg0.inp as input
  • seedupg1.inp as input
  • seedupg_locale.inp as input

Prior to importing seed data, dataimp deletes existing seed data.

The seedupg* files contain filters that dataimp uses to prevent deleting seed data you have modified or seed data meeting specified criteria.

Unmodified seed data has a last update date (LAST_UPD) of 1980-01-01. Dataimp does not delete records where LAST_UPD is later than this date.

Upgrade data after seed data import


For customers who have not converted to UTC time, sets the UTC value in S_SYS_PREF to False. For customers who have converted to UTC time, the script takes no action.

Upgrade data after seed data import SIA



Set system preference for codepage for DB


Sets the database codepage in S_SYS_PREF.

Set system preference for Unicode codepage for DB


Sets the Unicode codepage to UTF-8 in S_SYS_PREF

Update version component information


Updates S_UPG_COMP with the product release level. Also updates location of srf file.

S_UPG_COMP stores version information for application executables.

Run Oracle-specific DDL commands


Creates Oracle-specific DDL information, such as default storage parameters for docking objects, repository objects, and seed objects.

Import common ancestor repository

  • repimexp utility
  • Standard Siebel Repository as input

Imports the Standard Siebel Repository into S_REPOSITORY. For example, if you are upgrading from Siebel 7.5.3, this command imports the standard Siebel 7.5.3 repository.

Rename EIM columns/indexes


Removes EIM processing columns and indexes from the Prior Customer Repository and the common ancestor repository (Standard Siebel Repository). This prevents the repository merge from preserving EIM columns incorrectly.

The merge will preserve only those Siebel EIM columns shipped with the new Release.

Update Siebel Database version

  • update_ver.sql
  • seeduver.sql

The update_ver.sql script creates a temporary table, S_APP_VER_TEMP, which contains new version information for the database schema. The seeduver.sql script updates S_APP_VER with this information.

Import new Siebel Repository

  • repimexp utility
  • Imports New Siebel Repository

Imports the New Siebel Repository into S_REPOSITORY.

Revises schema version information in S_APP_VER.

Import New Customer Repository

  • repimexp utility
  • Imports New Customer Repository

Imports the New Customer Repository into S_REPOSITORY.

Revises schema version information in S_APP_VER.

Restore database version


Uses S_APP_VER_TEMP to update the schema version information in S_APP_VER. Drops S_APP_VER_TEMP.

Upgrade repository data SIA



Upgrade repository data


Makes specific repository-related changes to repository records and to other tables.

Set repository workflow domains to MLOV



Install SQL packages

  • seeduver.sql
  • ifstrg.sql
  • ifindxstrg.sql
  • pkgseq.sql
  • pkgldel.sql
  • trgreset.sql
  • ddlseq.sql
  • pkgvis.sql
  • delete_dock_rules.sql
  • seeduver.sql. Verifies that versions are set correctly in S_APP_VER.
  • ifstrg.sql. Sets storage parameters for EIM tables.
  • ifindxstrg.sql. Sets storage parameters for EIM table indexes.
  • pkgseq.sql. Adds a suffix to row IDs in the S_SEQUENCE table. Ensures that row IDs are unique.
  • pkgldel.sql. Defines s_txn_log_del_proc. Procedure periodically deletes transactions from S_DOCK_TXN_LOG. Also deletes rows from S_DOCK_TXN SET. Prevents need for large rollback segment.
  • trgreset.sql. Ensures that denormalized rows in S_TERR have correct values.
  • ddlseq.sql. Sets sequence numbers for specified tables.
  • pkgvis.sql. Creates function that modifies how Oracle optimizer does visibility check.
  • delete_dock_rules.sql. Deletes Prior Customer Repository routing rules from S_DOC_VIS_RULE that meet specified conditions. Attempts to preserve rules added using Docking Wizard.

Create database-level functions and procedures


Creates or replaces the currency exchange rate function: exrate.

Upgrade ISS data


Updates data stored in tables that support Oracle's Siebel Product Configurator.

Set primary children in data tables

  • gen_primary1.sql
  • gen_primary2.sql
  • gen_primary3.sql
  • gen_primary4.sql
  • gen_primary1.sql1. Sets primary child for S_DOC_QUOTE
  • gen_primary2.sql. Empty.
  • gen_primary3.sql. Sets primary child for S_LOY_PROMO
  • gen_primary4.sql. Empty

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