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Upgrade Planning for Siebel Pricer and Order Management

Upgrades from: Siebel 7.0.x, 7.5.x, and 7.7.x.

Siebel 7.8 introduces a new architecture for managing pricing. Data associated with the Pricer features will be upgraded as shown in Table 21.

Table 21. How Pricer Features Are Upgraded
How Upgraded

Price lists and cost lists

Automatically upgraded as part of price list

Customizable product pricing

Automatically upgraded as part of price list

Service pricing (based on covered product)

Automatically upgraded as part of price list

Volume discount

Automatically upgraded

Attribute pricing

Automatically upgraded as attribute adjustment

Pricing model

  • Aggregate factor
  • Bundle factor
  • Single factor
  • Matrix factor
  • Script based

Not automatically upgraded. Must be redesigned and reimplemented as pricing procedures.

Bundle factor definitions are upgraded to aggregate discounts and aggregate discount sequences.

Pricer API user properties for internal or external application integration are also obsolete. After the upgrade, you must reimplement integrations using pricing procedures, signals, variable maps and other features of the order management infrastructure.

For information on the new Pricer architecture, on application integration, and on order management infrastructure, see Pricing Administration Guide and Siebel Order Management Infrastructure Guide.

For a scenario that describes how to reimplement Siebel 7.x pricing models, see Bulletin 473908.1 (Doc ID) on OracleMetalink 3. This document was previously published as Siebel Technical Note 639.

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