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Upgrade Planning for Siebel Marketing

Upgrades from: Siebel 7.0.x and 7.5.x.

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, IBM z/OS.

Siebel 7.7 introduced three architectural changes to Siebel Marketing:

  • Simplified hierarchy. Program occurrences and campaign occurrences have been removed. This simplifies the Siebel Marketing hierarchy.
  • Merged Business Objects. In previous releases, there were two business objects that supported similar campaign functions, DBM Campaign and Campaign. Siebel 7.7 merged all campaign administration functions into the Campaign business object.
  • Marketing Server Migrated to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. The Marketing Server is obsolete. Its functions have been migrated to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and are implemented on the Oracle Business Intelligence Server.

Simplified Hierarchy

The Program Plan > Campaign Plan > Campaign Occurrences hierarchy has been simplified. The new hierarchy is Programs > Campaigns > Waves.

During the upgrade, objects that were related to the campaign occurrence are re-parented to the surviving campaign. Child objects are re-parented from a campaign occurrence to a campaign, as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8. Relationship Model for Siebel Marketing
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Merged Campaign Business Objects

In previous releases, campaign functions were handled by two business objects—DBM Campaign and Campaign. These objects shared similar functions, but many related elements such as views and child objects were not shared. The upgrade merges all campaign functions and views into a single business object—the Campaign business object.

During the upgrade, the following changes are performed to merge campaign plans and campaigns:

  • Campaign Plans from the previous release are converted into Campaigns.
  • The campaign occurrences that were children of the Campaign Plan are made obsolete.
  • A new Load record is created for each previous occurrence.

Any child objects that were related to the obsolete campaign occurrence are re-parented to the surviving campaign.

Marketing Server Migrated to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

The introduction of Siebel 7.7 makes obsolete the Data Dictionary Manager and Marketing Server components in the Siebel Server. In previous releases, the Marketing Server component group performed segmentation and list export. Segmentation and list export are handled by subsystems in the Oracle Business Intelligence Web Presentation Services server.

Due to the obsolete server components, a set of business components and other objects are also made obsolete. These objects remain in the repository but are no longer used by the application.

The upgrade does not obsolete the List Import Service Manager, Marketing AOM (SMObjMgr), eMarketing AOM (eMarketObjMgr), or the eEvents AOM (eEventsObjMgr). They are actively used in the application.

Siebel Marketing Upgrade Reference lists the following types of obsolete items:

  • Server components
  • Business objects and business components
  • Screens and views
  • Data that is obsolete

About Siebel Marketing Customizations

Siebel 7.7 introduced a feature, Incorporate Custom Layouts (ICL). When you select this feature in the Upgrade Wizard, customized view and applet layouts are preserved, consistent with new features and schema changes.

Because of the large number of user interface changes in Siebel Marketing, the views and applets for Siebel Marketing have been excluded from ICL support. (The Upgrade Behavior property for Siebel Marketing objects in the Siebel Tools Repository is set to ADMIN.)

This means that the Repository upgrade will not preserve customizations to Siebel Marketing views and applets. If you select ICL mode for your upgrade, then other views and applets (except those for Siebel Marketing) will be preserved under ICL.

Summary of Database Changes for Siebel Marketing

Table 19 summarizes Siebel Database changes that apply to Siebel Marketing.

Table 19. Summary of Database Changes for Siebel Marketing for Siebel 7.7
Upgrade Step

Updates S_SRC and S_SRC_REL

Updates marketing plan tactics to use the S_SRC.MKTG_PLAN_ID to indicate the parent marketing plan, rather than S_SRC_REL.

Updates S_SRC

Updates Status values (STATUS_CD) for campaigns and programs.

Updates campaign plans and stand-alone campaigns to use the same CAMP_TYPE_CD.

Sets CAMP_TYPE_CD to Campaign when SUB_TYPE is Marketing_Campaign and other conditions specified in upgrade scripts are met.

Updates the values for S_SRC.RESPNSE_TYPE.

Inserts into S_DD_CAMP_WAVE and S_CAMP_LD_WAVE

Creates a Load record for each campaign occurrence. Load numbers are assigned based on date of execution.

Creates one load wave for each stand-alone campaign.

Sets the status of the load wave to the corresponding execution status from the original campaign occurrence.

Inserts into S_CAMP_WAVE_DCP

Records the offer history for load wave records (pre-upgrade occurrences).

Index change and update to S_CAMP_CON

Modifies the user key to use Campaign ID + Contact ID + Load Number + Token Number.

When campaign occurrences are converted to Load records, S_CAMP_CON is updated to the appropriate Load number for the campaign contact.

Updates S_SRC_COST

Updates TYPE_CD to the new values for Fixed and Per Unit expenses.

Updates S_SRC_GOAL

Updates goal type codes (GOAL_TYPE_CD).

Updates S_EVT_ACT

Re-parents activities from campaign occurrences to campaigns.

Re-parents activities from program occurrences to programs.

Updates S_SRC for Stages

Updates CAMP_TYPE_CD indicates "STAGE" for stage records.

Updates S_OPTY_SRC

Re-parents opportunities from campaign occurrences to campaigns.

Updates S_SRC_DCP

Re-parents offers from campaign occurrences to campaigns.

Updates S_ORDER

Re-parents orders from campaign occurrences to campaigns.


Re-parents SmartScripts from campaign occurrences to campaigns.


Re-parents team members from campaign occurrences to campaigns.


Re-parents responses from campaign occurrences to campaigns.


Re-parents Assignment Skills from campaign occurrences to campaigns.

Updates S_QTA_PLAN

Re-parents Quota Plans from campaign occurrences to campaigns.


Re-parents related products and product lines from campaign occurrences to campaigns.

Updates S_CALL_LST

Re-parents internal lists from campaign occurrences to campaigns.

Inserts into S_SRC_GOAL (for Campaign Plan)

Updates actual and forecast values for Goals based on Financial Modeler columns in S_SRC (Revenue, #Leads, Response Rate, Conversion Rate, Avg. Revenue per Sale, Avg. Contribution Margin, ROI Amount).

Summary of How Marketing Data Will Be Migrated

Table 20 describes how Siebel Marketing data will be migrated.

Data that is obsolete as of Siebel 7.7 is listed in Siebel Marketing Upgrade Reference.

Table 20. Siebel Marketing Data Migration for Siebel 7.7
Effect of Upgrade
Obsolete Tables
Obsolete Business Components

Marketing Plans




Program Plans




Stage Plans





Campaign Plans




Campaign Plans are converted to Campaigns.

Campaign History




Index on S_CAMP_CON is modified to preserve history for campaign and campaign load.

Stand-alone Campaigns (campaigns not related to a program)





Response History









Offers (except eNewsletter offers)

All offer types preserved, except for eNewsletters

See Obsolete Objects table

See Obsolete Objects table



Usage history in programs is preserved

Segment criteria are obsolete




Segment Detail-DD

Segment Expression

Campaign Segment Allocation

Segment Campaign Allocation

Segments should be reconstructed in the Siebel 7.7 Segment Designer.

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