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Setting Up Siebel Global Time Zone Support

Upgrades from: All Supported Siebel releases.

Environments: Development, production test, production.

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, IBM z/OS.

This topic is part of an upgrade process. See How to Perform a Siebel Database Upgrade.

If you previously upgraded to Siebel 7.x and you enabled your environment for global time zone, you do not need to repeat the procedure. Instead, you need to upgrade data from columns that were not UTC-enabled in Siebel 7.x that are UTC-enabled in the current release.

Global deployments typically span multiple time zones. The global time zone feature converts and stores date and time data using the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) standard. This feature enables you to track dates and times in a common format across multiple time zones.

Although enabling your environment for global time zone is optional in Siebel 7.x, it is strongly recommended that you operate your production environment with global time zone enabled.

For information on setting up and managing UTC, see Global Deployment Guide.

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