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Transferring the SCINDX.SQL File to the z/OS Host

Use the following procedure to transfer the SCINDX.SQL file generated by the Upgrade Wizard on the midtier up to Pause #3 to the z/OS host.

NOTE:  Edit the generated files as required by Siebel Technical Notes, Siebel Alerts and Siebel Release Notes on My Oracle Support, or other publications before transferring them to the z/OS host.

To transfer the file generated on the midtier

  1. Navigate to the \DB2390\dbsrvr\dboutput\upgrade directory (Windows) or the /DB2390/dbsrvr/dboutput/upgrade directory (UNIX) and double-click the ftp_pause3.bat file (Windows) or issue the following command (UNIX):

    Ftp - i > ftp_pause3.bat

  2. Enter your TSO ID and password and press Enter.

    The SCINDX.SQL file is transferred from the midtier to the z/OS host.

  3. Review the ftp_pause3.log file which is created in the upgrade directory and verify that the SCINDX file transferred successfully to z/OS staging datasets.
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