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Restructuring the Index DDL

Perform the following procedure to prepare the Index JCL.

To restructure the index DDL

  1. Go to the Siebel In-Place Upgrade 8.0 Main Menu by entering the following command, and pressing Enter:


  2. On the Siebel In-Place Upgrade 8.0 Main Menu, select option 1: File Generation, and press Enter. The Staging Database File Generation Menu is displayed.
  3. On the Staging Database File Generation Menu, select option 6: Process SCINDX Index Components - Restructure Indexes, and press Enter.

    A message appears, asking you to confirm that the DSNHLQ.SIEBEL.PROC(ISPBAT) (ISPF batch proc) is correctly configured.

    You can choose to generate index rebuilds in either TSO foreground mode or batch mode. It is recommended that you perform the procedure in batch mode.

  4. Enter Y to confirm that the ISPF batch proc is correctly configured, and press Enter.
  5. When the following message appears, specify the number of indexes to be included in each rebuild job, and press Enter:


    The maximum number of indexes that can be included in a job is 10. It is recommended that you specify 3.

    CAUTION:  Consider your objective before choosing a maximum number of indexes for each job. Increasing this number results in fewer jobs but requires more memory and sort work. Reducing this number results in more jobs—reducing resource requirements but building fewer indexes in parallel.

  6. Press Enter, and you are placed in Edit mode in the DSNHLQ.SIEBEL.INSTALL(SBLJCL31) dataset.
  7. Submit the job and verify that the job ran successfully.

    Review the output in SDSF or another job output facility very carefully. Verify that the RC=0 or RC=4 and that the JCLTEST return code=FLUSH. If you do not see the FLUSH return code, you can verify the condition codes by searching for the condition code IEF206I.

  8. Press PF3 twice to return to the Staging Database File Generation Menu.
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