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Building JCL Templates for the Target Database

Perform the following procedure to build the JCL templates for the target database.

To build JCL templates for the target database

  1. Go to the Siebel In-Place Upgrade 8.0 Main Menu by entering the following command, and pressing Enter:


  2. Select option 1: File Generation, and press Enter. The Staging Database File Generation Menu is displayed.
  3. Select option 7: Build Target Database JCL Templates, and press Enter.

    This option applies target database LPAR, Tableowner and STORGROUP values to the JCL templates that were created to run the preupgrade and upgrade (in-place) processes for the staging database so they are appropriate for the target database upgrade.

  4. Submit the JCL in one of the following data sets:
    • For Siebel Industry Application (SIA) upgrades, use DSNHLQ.SIEBEL.INSTALL.JCL(ALLSIAS)
    • For Siebel Business Application upgrades, use DSNHLQ.SIEBEL.INSTALL.JCL(ALLHORS)
  5. Verify that the job ran successfully. Review the output in SDSF or another job output facility very carefully. Verify that the RC=0 or RC=4 and that the JCLTEST return code=FLUSH. If you do not see the FLUSH return code, you can verify the condition codes by searching for the condition code IEF206I.
  6. After submitting the job, enter cancel on the command line or press PF3 to save changes.
  7. Press PF3 twice to return to the Staging Database File Generation Menu.

    When you successfully complete the target database file generation process, the File Generation option (1) on the Siebel In-Place Upgrade 8.0 main Menu is no longer available. You are now ready to start the target database pre-upgrade and upgrade processes.

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