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Setting Source Control Options

You enable and partly configure the interface to an external source control system using the Development Tools Options dialog box.

To integrate Siebel Tools with a third-party source control product

  1. Choose View > Options.

    The Development Tools Options dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Check In/Out tab.
  3. Use the information in the following table to define your settings under Source control integration.
    Field/Check Box

    Enable source control integration

    Select this check box and specify the location of the srcctrl.bat batch file in the Integration batch file text box if you want to generate an archive file for each project when performing repository check in, and at the conclusion of repository check in to run the batch file once for each project.

    Show execution of the integration batch file

    Select this check box to launch a DOS window in the foreground when the srcctrl.bat batch file is executed. This feature is for diagnostic purposes and facilitates debugging a customized batch file.

    Integration batch file

    Specifies the location of the srcctrl.bat batch file used by Siebel applications to instruct the source control software to provide check in or check out of archive files.

  4. Click OK.
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