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Activating Preconfigured Web Services

Web Services for common objects, such as Account, Contact, and Opportunity, are preconfigured and delivered as seed data. You must activate preconfigured Web Services before you can use them.

See also About Preconfigured Web Services and Repository Objects.

This task is a step in the Process of Generating Java Artifacts.

To activate preconfigured Web Services

  1. Log on to the Siebel Web Client.
  2. Navigate to the Administration - Web Services screen, then the Inbound Web Services view.
  3. Query for Web Services that begin with WC_.

    NOTE:  Web Services preconfigured for use with the Web UI DDK begin with WC_.

  4. Select the Web Service you want to use, and then change the Status field to Active.
  5. Click the Clear Cache button for the changes to take effect.

    The active Web Service becomes available as a choice in the Web UI DDK Wizard.

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