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Siebel Email Response Templates

Templates from Release 6.x will be migrated during your upgrade. In Release 7.7, recipient groups control the substitution fields that are available for templates. Therefore, your templates will have to be recreated if the substitution fields no longer exist. To make sure the imported templates are accurate, you may need to recreate your templates in Release 7.7 You can copy and paste text from an old template into a new one. The following list contains information about specific types of templates:

  • Release 99.5 templates (such as Submit - OK, Submit - Error, Logon Failure, and so on) have been replaced by standard templates and are no longer specified as input arguments. For example, the Submit - OK template is now the eMail Response - SR Submit template.
  • Four default templates have been added to the seed data and will not be migrated: Srapage.txt, srmail.txt, Srnpage.txt, and srresolve.txt.
  • Additional customer-created message templates, such as those for Send Email, should be upgraded manually by adding them to the template table and changing the macro to the following format:
    • Use a start bracket ([) and an end bracket (]) instead of percent signs (%) to enclose the macro.
    • Add the business component name in front of the field name. For example, enter Service Request.SR Number instead of SR Number.
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