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Setting Up Price Lists for Siebel eSales

Price lists set reference prices and promotional prices, and filter available products for a group or account.

When a customer logs in to the Siebel eSales Web site, the price list associated with the account is activated. The customer sees only products that are both on the activated price list and in catalogs and categories associated with the same access groups with which the customer is associated.

In a business-to-consumer (B2C) setting, a customer might not be associated with an account, or a customer's account might not have a default price list. Because you cannot identify customers browsing your Web site anonymously, you cannot associate those customers with an account. For these customers, you have to set a default price list that determines prices and product visibility.

For more information about price lists, see Siebel Pricing Administration Guide. For information on associating price lists with accounts for B2B customers, see the chapter on using accounts in Siebel Sales in Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

Finding the Row ID of a Price List

You can find the row ID of a price list that you can use in setting it as the default price list.

To find the row number of a price list

  1. In your Siebel employee application, navigate to Administration - Pricing > Price List.
  2. Select the price list that you want to set as the default.
  3. Click the menu button and select About Record.

    The About Record dialog box appears.

  4. Record the row ID (Row #) of the price list.

Setting the Default Price List

You must change the price list row ID supplied as seed data in your Siebel application to the row ID of a price list that you have created.

To set the default price list

  1. In your Siebel employee application, navigate to Administration - Data > List of Values.

    The List of Values appears.

  2. Query on the Type field for PRICER_MASTER_PRICE_LIST_ID.
  3. In the PRICER_MASTER_PRICE_LIST_ID record, enter the row number of the default price list in the Display Value field.

    NOTE:  You must update the existing PRICER_MASTER_PRICE_LIST_ID seed data row. Do not make the existing row inactive and then create a new one.

  4. Click the Menu button, and then choose Clear Cache.

    NOTE:  You must clear the LOV cache for the new price list to take effect.

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