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eSales - Save Cart Process

The workflow for saving a Shopping Cart is shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5. eSales - Save Cart Process
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The eSales - Save Cart Process is called when a user clicks Save As Quote. The following events happen:

  • The process determines whether the user has logged in explicitly.
  • If not, the user is sent to the Login view. The Pending Request flag is set so that after the user has logged in, the eSales - Save Cart Process is restarted.
  • If so, the Save Shopping Cart view appears, where the user has two choices:
    • Cancel. The user is returned to the Shopping Cart.
    • Save As Quote. The Shopping Cart is saved as a quote. The process checks for error messages.

      If there is an error message, the eSales - Display Error Process (see Figure 26) is called, and the user is sent back to the Save Shopping Cart view. This would happen, for example, if the user tried to save a quote with a name that was already being used.

      If there is no error message, the process determines whether the quote is for an existing customer. If it is not, the My Quotes view appears. If it is, the process determines whether the customer is a power user.

      NOTE:  A power user is a delegated customer administrator or purchasing manager.

      • If the customer is not a power user, the Customer Quotes View appears.
      • If the customer is a power user, the eSales - Power Customer Quotes View process is called.
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