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Passing Variables to Functions in Siebel eScript

Siebel eScript uses different methods to pass variables to functions, depending on the type of variable being passed. Such distinctions make sure that information gets to functions in the most logical way.

Primitive types such as strings, numbers, and Booleans are passed by value. The values of these variables are passed to a function. If a function changes one of these variables, the changes are not visible outside of the function in which the change took place.

Composite types such as objects and arrays are passed by reference. Instead of passing the value of the object or the values of each property, a reference to the object is passed. The reference indicates where the values of an object's properties are stored in a computer's memory. If you make a change in a property of an object passed by reference, that change is reflected throughout the calling routine.

The return statement passes a value back to the function that called it. Any code in a function following the execution of a return statement is not executed. For details, see return Statement.

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