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About Preventive Maintenance

The OEM can set up regular schedules of preventive maintenance for vehicles.

For example, one make of vehicle might require basic maintenance, such as replacing the oil filter and changing the oil, every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes sooner. The vehicle may also require more extensive maintenance, such as replacing spark plugs, at 30,000 miles or three years after purchase and at 60,000 miles or six years after purchase, whichever comes sooner. These schedules may be more frequent if the vehicle is driven in demanding conditions. In addition, the vehicle may require preventive maintenance if its oil pressure is low, its coolant temperature is high, or it has other specific problems.

By default, Siebel eService for Automotive allows customers to view a list of preventive maintenance actions for their vehicles.

The customer displays preventive maintenance actions by going to the My Account view of Siebel eService for Automotive, described previously, and clicking the My Vehicles link. The My Vehicles list appears, and the user can click the VIN# of any vehicle to display a My Vehicles form, with information about that vehicle, and a PM Actions list with all coming preventive maintenance actions for that vehicle. The customer can update the time and odometer reading when he or she has completed the action.

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