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About Siebel eBanking and Siebel eBrokerage Pages

The following section contains descriptions of each Siebel eBanking page and a mapping between the views in the customer application to related views in Siebel Finance (employee application). Note that the view names listed are the display names observed by the end user, and are not the view names found in Siebel Tools. Procedures related to each page are also described.

When users log in to the Siebel eBanking Web site, the home page appears. Registered users see only the tabs appropriate to the responsibilities assigned to them.

  • Home. The Salutation applet greets each user with personalized phrasing and targeted information. Users can view limited lists of their financial accounts, pending payments, existing service requests, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). With the Search applet, users can perform full text searches of database records to resolve service issues on their own.
  • Accounts. Users can view all of their financial accounts at a particular financial institution on one page. They can also access account transaction and investment holding details.
  • Transfers. Users can transfer funds between accounts and check completed transfers.
  • Bill Pay. Users can schedule one-time or recurring electronic payments, add and modify payees, and check pending and completed payments.
  • Customer Service. Users can submit service requests, including statement requests, requests for checks drawn on their account, requests for check copies, new check orders, stop payment requests, and other problem reports. Users can check the status of existing service requests, view or download forms, and view frequently asked questions.
  • Relationships (Siebel eBrokerage only). Users can view the list of contacts at their bank or brokerage that are assigned to serve them (or the company that they are affiliated with), current holdings, securities that they are interested in but do not hold, and activities that are being performed for their company.
  • Trades (Siebel eBrokerage only). Users can trade stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and options. Users can also look up stock symbols, view open orders, and transfer assets from other institutions.
  • My Profile hyperlink. Users can edit account nicknames, contact information, and passwords.
  • Help hyperlink. Users can get help using the application.
  • Contact Us hyperlink. Users can send messages to service agents
  • Logout hyperlink. Users click the Logout hyperlink to exit the application.
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