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About eCustomer

Siebel eCustomer uses a combination of functionality from Siebel eBanking, Siebel eSales, and Siebel Insurance eService. It is designed as a comprehensive online sales and service application for diversified financial institutions that offer a range of product lines.

In Siebel eCustomer for Financial Services, users can access the following user interface features.

  • Home page. The Salutation applet greets each user with personalized phrasing and targeted information. With the Search applet here and on most screens, users can perform full text searches of database records to resolve service issues on their own.
  • Top FAQs list. Users can select from a list of the most common support questions.
  • Contact Us list. Users can send messages to service agents
  • Accounts list. Users can access their accounts from this list.
  • Personal Policies list. Customers can view personal policy details, check the status of claims and existing service requests, and submit new service requests.
  • Group Benefits list. Customers can view group benefit details, search for primary care providers, and change primary care providers.
  • Claims list. Users can check the status of claims.
  • Service Requests list. Users can track their service requests.
  • Enrollment list. Users can enroll in an insurance plan or review existing coverages.
  • Special Offers lists. Users can view a list of offers.
  • Applications lists. Users can access applications.
  • Recommended Products lists. Users can access a customized list of products.
  • Help hyperlink. Users can receive help using the application.
  • My Account hyperlink. Users can access personal settings, insurance policies, and related screens. The Tools hyperlink provides access to Siebel eSales SmartScripts and loan calculators. The Applications hyperlink provides access to Siebel eSales applications functionality. The Siebel eBanking hyperlink gives users access to personal settings, insurance policies, and other Siebel eBanking screens.
  • Logout hyperlink. Users click the Logout hyperlink to exit the application.
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