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Viewing or Refreshing Analytics Scheduler Job Instances

View all the Analytics Scheduler job instance information using the following methods.

NOTE:  In some environments, if numerous instances have run and instances have not been purged in some time, this process may take a few seconds.

To view Analytics Scheduler job instance information

  1. Open the Server Administration Tool in Online mode.
  2. Choose Manage > Jobs from the toolbar.

    The Job Manager window appears.

  3. Navigate to the Instance list.
  4. Select a particular job instance and choose Instance > View Instance.

    This opens the Instance window. A description of the Instance properties is given in Table 10.

NOTE:  For an iBot, the ExitCode of an instance is set to the number of successful deliveries. The count corresponds to the number of successful deliveries to devices, and there may be more than one device for each recipient of an iBot.

To refresh Analytics Scheduler job instances

  • In the Instance List, choose Instances > Refresh Instance List.
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