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Scheduler Job Manager Instance Properties

Table 10 describes the properties of Job Manager instances.

Table 10. Job Manager Instance Properties


ID of the job associated with this instance.


Unique ID of this specific instance of the Job.


Status of the job instance. It can be one of the following:

  • Running
  • Completed
  • Cancelled
  • Timed Out


Exit code of the instance. Depending on the job type, this code can be interpreted differently.

  • For an iBot, the ExitCode of an instance is set to the number of successful deliveries. The count corresponds to the number of successful deliveries to devices, and there may be more than one device for each recipient of an iBot.
  • For a script, it is set according to the ExitCode property in the script.

    The default is 0 (zero). See Table 21.


Text message containing any error information of the instance.

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