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Siebel Analytics Scheduler Read/Write Script Object Properties

Siebel Analytics Scheduler supports the read/write script object properties shown in Table 21.

Table 21. Siebel Analytics Scheduler Read/Write Script Object Properties
Object Property
Return Value


Sets or returns the Message property of the running instance. The ErrorMessage property can be used to convey meaningful error information. Setting this value changes the Error Message field of a Job Instance. without stopping execution of the current Job Script.

In Windows environments, if the JScript throw() method is called and this property has been set, the value is appended to the message description in the JScript or VBScript Error object.

COM objects that implement the IDispatch interface can be accessed from within Job Scripts. If any method fails and properly provides error information through the SetErrorInfo() method, that information is contained in the Message field of the Job Instance. If the Message property is set before the COM object error is generated, then that string value is appended to the COM object error information.

NOTE:  If this property is set to a nonempty string value, the job instance has a Failed status and its Message property is set. Resetting this value to the empty string ("") clears the error messages.



Sets or returns the Exit Code property associated with the instance.

The default is 0 (zero).


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