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Configuring Siebel Analytics Scheduler Job Scripts

Siebel Analytics Scheduler supports two types of scripting languages that can be used for job scripts: VBScript and JScript.

NOTE:  Scripting (JScript, VBScript) for iBots and scripts defined by the Scheduler Job Manager are supported only under Windows platforms and are not supported under UNIX.

Any VBScript or JScript can be used as a job script. Siebel Analytics Scheduler has language extensions to provide these scripts with additional functionality when defined within the context of Siebel Analytics.

Siebel Analytics Scheduler includes a Script object that encapsulates a running script. The Script object represents a script and exposes the properties and methods of a script. You can access its methods and properties directly because its name is implied. For example, to access the JobID property, you can specify JobID, not Script.JobID.

The following topics contain detailed information on working with job scripts:

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