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Analytics Scheduler Job Actions

Use the fields in the Script area of the Add Job or Modify Job dialog box to define the actions a job performs when it executes. Table 17 provides a description of the job action properties available in the Add Job and Modify Job dialog boxes.

Table 17. Analytics Scheduler Job Manager Job Action Fields

Script Type

Currently, Siebel Analytics Scheduler supports two types of scripts— VBScript and JScript. Set this field according to the type of script referenced by the Script field.

Script Contains File Name

In the Job Manager, you can enter either a file name or the actual contents of a script in the Script field.
If the Script field contains a file name, select this option.


This value is either a reference to a job script file or the contents of a job script itself.
If it is a reference, enter a file name in this field, such as TestConnect.js. If no path is given, Siebel Analytics Scheduler examines the directory referred to in the Default Script Path configuration value in the Scheduler tab of the Job Manager Configuration dialog.
If a path is given, the path must be accessible by the Siebel Analytics Scheduler application.


Field values are passed to the job script through the Parameters array.
Enter one parameter per line. For example:

SELECT Lastname FROM Employee

By default, each parameter must be less than 255 characters in length. You can change this restriction by modifying the varchar length in the back-end database. In the NQSJOBPARAMETERS table, the column is JobParameter.
For more information about this table, see Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide.

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