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Siebel Analytics Scheduler Installation and Configuration Tasks

The following high-level steps describe the installation and configuration of Siebel Analytics Scheduler. For further information, see Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide and Siebel Analytics Web Administration Guide.

NOTE:  If you are migrating a Siebel Analytics environment to a new system (for example, moving from development to testing, or development to production) make sure that you also migrate the Siebel Analytics Server repository file and the Scheduler tables. The Scheduler tables are required for Siebel iBots to function.

  1. Install Siebel Analytics Scheduler.
  2. If you are not using a Siebel operational applications transactional database, set up database tables.
  3. Start the Siebel Analytics Server.
  4. Populate configuration options as follows:
    • Windows. Open the Server Administration Tool, and then open the Job Manager to populate configuration options.
    • UNIX. Execute the file schconfig.exe on the UNIX machine hosting Siebel Analytics Scheduler. This file is located in the $INSTALLDIR/Bin directory.
  5. Start Siebel Analytics Scheduler.

    CAUTION:  Do not use operating system authentication for the back-end database login. If you do, the Scheduler service may not start in some cases.

  6. Verify that the Siebel Analytics Web Server points to the Siebel Analytics Scheduler.

    The following registry entry identifies the name of the machine running the Scheduler:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Siebel Systems, Inc.\Siebel Analytics\Web\<n.n> \Alerts

    where <n.n> is the version number of Siebel Analytics (for example, 7.7).
    The value in the Data column should be the Scheduler machine name. For more information on registry settings in Siebel Analytics, see Siebel Analytics Web Administration Guide.

    NOTE:  If the Scheduler and the Analytics Web Server are not installed on the same machine, you must configure the registry settings as shown in Configuring Scheduler and Analytics Web Servers Installed on Separate Machines.

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