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Upgrading Siebel Analytics Scheduler Schemas

If you are upgrading from Siebel Analytics version 7.5, this section contains notes about upgrading the Siebel Analytics Scheduler database schemas.

NOTE:  If you are upgrading from any Siebel Analytics version prior to version 7.5, contact Technical Support for assistance.

The schema upgrade should have been done in the installation procedure outlined in Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide. That installation procedure includes a step to import a Siebel Import File (with the extension .sif), which modifies the Siebel Analytics Scheduler database schema.

  • In all cases, first install the newer version of Siebel Analytics.
  • If you currently use Siebel operational applications version 7 and upgrade to Siebel Analytics version 7.7.1 at the same time, you do not need to upgrade the database schema separately.
  • If you install the stand-alone version of Siebel Analytics 7.7.1, then you must upgrade the database schema for Siebel Analytics by running the following file:

    Where xxx refers to your RDBMS type: DB2, MSSQL, or Oracle.

    If you get an error indicating that the TZ_NAME column is not found, shut down Siebel Analytics Scheduler and rerun the file.

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