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Job Scheduling and Scheduler Scripts

The primary purpose of the Siebel Analytics Scheduler is to manage and schedule jobs. In this context, a job is a task performed by Siebel Analytics Server. Scheduler supports two types of jobs:

  • Scripted jobs that you set up and submit using the Job Manager feature of the Server Administration Tool

    For scripted jobs, Siebel Analytics Scheduler supports two scripting languages:

    • VBScript
    • JScript

      NOTE:  Scripting for iBots and scripts defined by the Scheduler Job Manager are supported only under Windows platforms and are not supported under UNIX.

      An example of a scripted job is to take the Siebel Analytics Server usage statistics that are logged in a file and periodically load them into a back-end database. The script defines which actions are to be performed and when these actions should be executed.

      NOTE:  Siebel Analytics Scheduler's back-end database does not actually store the job scripts. In the Job Manager, when adding or modifying a job, if a script is manually entered in the Script field, Scheduler creates a file in the path defined by this field. The file has an SCS extension.
      In general, do not add or remove scripts from this directory.

  • Unscripted jobs, called iBots, that you set up and submit using Siebel Delivers

Examples of Analytics Scheduler Scripts gives examples of job scripts.

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