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iBots Usage

With unscripted jobs, you define the actions to be performed using Siebel Delivers, to create an iBot. Siebel Analytics Web gathers the necessary information about the priority, delivery devices, user, and other characteristics; packages that information into a job; and tells Siebel Analytics Scheduler when it wants the job to be executed.

NOTE:  To create iBots, you must have licensed Siebel Delivers. If you have not licensed Siebel Delivers, you can only create scripted jobs using the Job Manager feature of the Server Administration Tool.

If you are setting up Siebel Analytics Scheduler to use only iBots, you do not have to set up separate jobs using the Job Manager interface. However, because iBots are jobs, you can create iBots using Siebel Delivers and then further configure the iBots using the Job Manager. To do so, you must first configure Siebel Analytics Scheduler. For information about configuration options, see Analytics Job Manager Configuration Dialog Box.

For information about setting up iBots and making them available for subscription, see the online help for Siebel Delivers.

For information about setting up and managing scripted jobs, see the following sections and chapters:

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