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Third-Party Triggering of Siebel Analytics Scheduler Jobs

Third-party applications and scripts can launch a Siebel Analytics Scheduler job from the command line. They can also change the Job Parameters for a single instance. This change simulates third-party-triggered iBots. The interface for the command line is:

saschinvoke.exe -u <Admin Name>/<Admin Password> (-j <job id> |
-i <iBot path>) [-m <machine name>[:<port>]] ([-r <replace parameter filename>] | [-a <append parameter filename>])

The required parameters <Admin Name> and <Admin Password> are the same as those configured for the Siebel Analytics Scheduler where you invoke the job. You can invoke the job either by the job ID or by the iBot path. Optionally, you can specify a machine and port for Siebel Analytics Scheduler. If this is omitted, the invoker uses localhost and 9705 respectively.

The invoker also takes an optional job parameter file. Depending on the mode you choose, the parameters configured in Siebel Analytics Scheduler are changed in one of the following ways by the options in the job parameter file:

  • Replace the existing parameters, using the following syntax:

    [-r <replace parameter filename>]

  • Append to the existing parameters, using the following syntax:

    [-a <append parameter filename>]

If you use a parameter file, follow these rules:

  • Use only one parameter per line.
  • Do not ignore white space because it may be custom script-dependent.
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