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Types of Siebel Analytics Web Groups

Web Groups are defined by the system or by a Siebel Analytics Web administrator. When a user is assigned to a Web Group, the user becomes a member of that group. Web Group membership is used to determine the permissions and privileges that are associated with a user, either by explicit assignment or inheritance.

Web Groups can also be thought of as roles for users because they avoid ambiguity about which defaults, preferences, and so on, to assign directly to the user.

This section contains the following topics:

System-Defined Web Groups in Siebel Analytics Web

System-defined Web Groups are preconfigured and required for successful Siebel Analytics Web operations. There are three types of system-defined Web Groups:

  • Everyone. By default, all users belong to the Everyone group. This is why the group does not appear on the Groups and Users screen of the application.
  • Authenticated Users. When a user is authenticated by the Analytics server, the user automatically becomes a member of the Authenticated Users group. The Authenticated Users group is itself a member of the Everyone group.
  • Web Administrators. Members of the Web Administrators group are users who are Siebel Analytics Web administrators. The default member of this group is the Siebel Analytics Web administrator. By default, only members of the Web Administrators group have access to administrative functions, but this can be changed by changing privilege assignments.

Administrator-Defined Web Groups in Siebel Analytics Web

Administrator-defined Web Groups are created by the Siebel Analytics Web administrator. You can create an unlimited number of Web Groups in Siebel Analytics Web.

NOTE:  For organizations that have Siebel Analytics applications, preconfigured groups are set up with preconfigured responsibilities. For more information, see Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide.

The Web Groups that you define should be used to categorize users who require similar access to dashboards and content. You should plan your Web Catalog folder structure and Web Groups together to create a coherent security model. For more information about Web Catalog structure, see Administering the Siebel Analytics Web Catalog. For more information about how Web Group membership can be passed from the Siebel Analytics Server, see About Siebel Analytics Web User Authentication.

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