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Siebel Anywhere Wizards and Utilities

This section briefly describes the following Siebel Anywhere wizards and utilities, which are used during various stages of upgrades involving Siebel Anywhere:

  • The Upgrade Kit Wizard
  • The Upgrade Kit Builder
  • The Upgrade Wizard

The Upgrade Kit Wizard

The Siebel Upgrade Kit Wizard is the task-oriented feature Siebel administrators must use to define an upgrade kit. The Upgrade Kit Wizard uses a Web-enabled user interface to prompt the administrator for the required information. The Upgrade Kit Wizard performs the following functions:

  • Validates the parameters supplied by the administrator
  • Handles file attachment uploads for certain types of upgrade kits
  • Specifies upgrade kit items
  • Specifies the sequence of events in the upgrade being defined
  • Submits a schedule-mode server request to invoke the Upgrade Kit Builder when kit definition is complete

For more information about using the Upgrade Kit Wizard, see Defining Upgrade Kits.

NOTE:  Do not confuse the Upgrade Kit Wizard with the Upgrade Wizard, which is described later in this section. The Upgrade Kit Wizard constructs the upgrade kit. The Upgrade Wizard reads the upgrade kit and installs it.

The Upgrade Kit Builder

Upgrade Kit Builder is part of the Siebel Anywhere Component Group. It constructs upgrade kits on the server, based upon definitions of kits collected by the Upgrade Kit Wizard. During the construction process, the Administrator can monitor the progress of the Upgrade Kit Builder by navigating to Administration - Server Management > Jobs and querying for Upgrade Kit Builder in the Jobs list or by checking the Upgrade Kit Builder log file. The associated log file is UpgKitBldr_task id.log.

The Upgrade Wizard

The Siebel Upgrade Wizard is a stand-alone executable that reads and installs upgrade kits on Mobile or Dedicated Web Clients or servers. The Siebel Upgrade Wizard also tracks the upgrade process and automatically recovers from errors. In the Windows environment the associated log file is UpgWiz.log. In the UNIX environment the associated log file is srvrupgwiz1.log.

NOTE:  Do not confuse the Upgrade Wizard with the Upgrade Kit Wizard, which is described earlier in this section. The Upgrade Kit Wizard constructs the upgrade kit. The Upgrade Wizard reads the upgrade kit and installs it.

During the installation of an upgrade kit, the Upgrade Wizard creates a backup of affected files in the \temp or \upgrade folders. If an error occurs during the upgrade, the Upgrade Wizard attempts to roll back the changes and restore the machine to its original state. Subsequently, when the user starts the Siebel client, Siebel eBusiness Applications detects that an upgrade is either in progress or has failed and notifies the user.

The Upgrade Wizard cannot roll back to the previous version after the upgrade has been installed successfully. After a successful upgrade, the Upgrade Wizard deletes the backup files. Consequently, restoring to a previous configuration is not possible.

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