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Defining Upgrade Kits

Defining an upgrade kit is the process of running the Upgrade Kit Wizard and entering data concerning a single Siebel Anywhere component that is to be upgraded. After all necessary data has been provided, the Upgrade Kit Wizard invokes the Upgrade Kit Builder, which uses the gathered data to build the upgrade kit.

NOTE:  It is important to gather the data to be entered before you run the Upgrade Kit Wizard. For information on planning your upgrade kit and gathering the necessary data, see Upgrade Planning and Preliminary Tasks. For general information about the Upgrade Kit Wizard and the Upgrade Kit Builder, see Siebel Anywhere Wizards and Utilities.

This chapter provides general instructions for running the Upgrade Kit Wizard, followed by specific instructions for defining several types of upgrade kits, and instructions for viewing upgrade kit properties, after the kits have been defined:

For language-specific kits, use the instructions for the appropriate kit type. For example, use instructions for defining a CFG kit to define a language-specific CFG kit.

NOTE:  If your upgrade includes multiple components, use the instructions in this chapter to create an upgrade kit for each component.

After you define your upgrade kit, you must proceed to activate, apply, and distribute it. For information on these tasks, see Activating, Applying, and Distributing Upgrade Kits.

Defining upgrade kits is a step in Process of Limiting Distribution of an Upgrade Kit.

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