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Running the Upgrade Kit Wizard

All upgrade kits must be defined using the Upgrade Kit Wizard. This section provides general instructions for running the Upgrade Kit Wizard. For background information about the Upgrade Kit Wizard, see The Upgrade Kit Wizard.

NOTE:  The following procedure describes how to start the Upgrade Kit Wizard for any type of upgrade kit. Subsequent steps and information required vary depending on the type of kit.

To start the Upgrade Kit Wizard

  1. From the application-level menu, select Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Siebel Anywhere.
  2. From the link bar, click Upgrade Kits.

    The Upgrade Kits view appears.

  3. Click Auto Create to start the Upgrade Kit Wizard.

    The Upgrade Kit Wizard - Upgrade Component page appears.

  4. Follow the prompts to specify all parameters necessary to define your upgrade kit.

    The following sections of this chapter provide instructions for individual upgrade kit types. For a list of these sections, see Defining Upgrade Kits.

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