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Launching the Upgrade Wizard

Subscribers use the Siebel Anywhere Upgrade Wizard to install upgrade kits after they are retrieved. This task is a step in Process of Retrieving, Installing, and Testing Upgrade Kits.

The process for invoking the Upgrade Wizard varies by subscriber type:

  • For Siebel Server subscribers, the Upgrade Wizard is launched manually (see Retrieving Upgrade Kits for Siebel Regional Node Servers).
  • For client subscribers, the Upgrade Wizard is launched automatically after an upgrade is retrieved.

    The wizard automatically shuts down the Siebel client. It then displays a progress page as it completes the upgrade kit items for the upgrade kits that were retrieved.

    NOTE:  The items displayed on the Upgrade Wizard page vary, depending on the number and type of kits.

    When the Upgrade Wizard has successfully installed the upgrade kit, the Siebel client is automatically restarted.

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