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New Upgrade Kit Status "In Progress"

From time to time, you may notice that the status of a new upgrade kit remains In Progress for an extended period, indicating that the upgrade kit is taking a long time to build. If this is the case, consider the following information to help troubleshoot the situation.

Some of the reasons for a delay in status change include:

  • The upgrade kit is still being built. (In particular, database schema kits can take as long as two hours or more to build.) To monitor the progress of the upgrade kit, you have three options to check the latest status:
    • Navigate to Administration - Server Management > Components > Tasks and look for the latest status of the Upgrade Kit Builder component.
    • In the server manager line-mode utility, enter:

    list task for comp UpgKitBldr

    • Look for the component log file for Upgrade Kit Builder (UpgKitBldr_<taskno>.log) in the log directory.
  • Upgrade Kit Builder is not responding. Sometimes a Siebel File System error or a network connection error interrupts the operation of Upgrade Kit Builder. If you conclude that Upgrade Kit Builder is not responding, take the following actions:
    • Check two other Server Components that support Upgrade Kit Builder—File System Manager (FSM) and Server Request Broker (SRBroker). Be sure these components are running correctly.
    • Edit the record, change the status from In Progress to Error, save the record, and then delete the record before trying to rebuild. (The reason for deleting the failed record is to avoid a naming conflict.) Then, recreate the upgrade kit.
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