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Unable to Download Upgrade Kit

There are times when the following error messages appear when attempting to download an upgrade kit.

  • Unable to find upgrade kit path to upgrade component: component_name. Please contact your Siebel administrator or try again.
  • The file 'upgrade_kit_file_name.arc' could not be found on any specified file system.
  • Upgrade wizard did not complete successfully. Restart Siebel application to attempt the upgrade again.
  • Unable to open compressed file (Sublevel_directory_path\S_UPG_KIT_IARG_ROW_ID_REV_NO.saf).
  • Unable to download the Upgrade Kit 'upgrade_kit_title' required to upgrade your system.

These errors can be caused by the following conditions:

  • A previously required kit has been deactivated or deleted. The client is trying to find an active kit with a certain New Version number, but there is no such kit because it was deactivated or deleted.

    To solve this problem, have your Mobile Web Client first synchronize using an invalid Configuration (set the Component Name in the CFG file to none). This action will get the recent transactions routed to the Mobile Web Client and pass the transaction regarding the nonfunctioning or inactivated kit.

    Then have users change the Component Name back to the original value and synchronize again. You can make this process transparent to your users by sending them a batch file that synchronizes for them from the command line using a different CFG that was sent to them with the batch file. Use siebsync.exe and specify the CFG with the /c option.

  • A nonexecutable file has been specified for execution. The kit you have created is of type Siebel Client Customer Revision and when you were creating the kit, you selected a nonexecutable file to be executed. You need to deactivate the kit and recreate it with the same version number. Activate the kit, but do not apply or distribute it.
  • A user's connection to the Siebel File System is not set correctly. Use one of the following techniques, depending on the type of user involved:
    • For Dedicated Web Client users. Check the Dedicated Web Client users' CFG files and make sure that the File System parameter under Server section is set to the appropriate location and that your user has read/write access to that directory. One test for correct location and read/write access would be to have the user open an attachment. If the attachment opens, then the connection to the Siebel File System is set correctly.
    • For Mobile Web Client users. Because Mobile Web Client users are connected to the Siebel File System through the Siebel Server, make sure the Siebel File System parameter of Synchronization Manager is set to the correct location—the same location as the File System parameter in the CFG file (of the user who has created the kit). In other words, make sure that the File System Manager is working properly.
  • There is not enough space on the machine to download the kit. Free some space and try to retrieve and install the upgrade kit again.
  • A prerequisite upgrade kit is not available. An upgrade that the System Administrator intends for the end users to retrieve may depend on another kit that has either been deactivated, deleted, or not created yet. The Siebel Client will make sure that all kits are ready before invoking the Upgrade Wizard.
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