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Process of Planning and Preparing for Kit Creation

This section provides an overview of how to plan a Siebel Anywhere upgrade and complete the tasks that must precede creation of one or more upgrade kits. The planning and preparation process consists of three main parts:

  1. Determining Upgrade Requirements. In this part of the process, you gather information about the software to be distributed and the computers that will receive it. The information you gather determines how many components will be involved and how many upgrade kits will be needed, among other important points.
  2. Creating Needed Infrastructure Elements. In this part of the process, you determine whether or not existing Siebel Anywhere components and configurations match your upgrade needs, create any additional components, and create or modify any configurations you will need.
  3. Preparing Upgrade Kit Contents. In this part of the process, you gather (and, where necessary, create) the files that will be included in each upgrade kit. The specific process to follow depends on the type of components you are planning to upgrade.

    NOTE:  Some kits do not require any files. For example, Database Schema kits do not require any files to create a kit.

When these parts of the process have been completed, you can use the information, infrastructure elements, and files you have prepared to define the upgrade kits you need. This process is described in Defining Upgrade Kits.

CAUTION:  Any errors in an upgrade kit, whether in the files being distributed or in application processes defined for them, can have widespread impact on your production environment. To prevent such errors, thorough planning, preparation, and testing of upgrade kits are essential.

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