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Preparing Contents for Repository File or Third-Party Upgrade Kits

To prepare for creating an upgrade kit for a Siebel repository file, third-party application, or other non-Siebel file, copy the files to a directory on the Siebel Server from which you will run the Upgrade Kit Builder server component, or to a directory that is accessible from that server.

NOTE:  Beginning with Siebel release 7.7, Siebel Anywhere supports two kinds of Repository File upgrade kits: standard repository file upgrade kits, which contain complete SRF files, and delta repository file upgrade kits, which contain only changes to a Siebel Repository File. For more information about how to prepare files for delta repository file kits, see Process of Creating a Delta Repository File Upgrade Kit.)

Siebel Anywhere can install third-party applications or other files using one of the following methods:

  • Executing a batch script or installation program.
  • Copying files to a specified location.

Before deploying a kit through Siebel Anywhere, make sure that any files, scripts, or other programs required to install third-party applications contain the necessary data and are fully tested.

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