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Defining a New Workflow Process

Once you have reviewed your existing workflow process definitions, you are ready to create new workflow processes for the processes you have identified as missing.

To design a workflow process

  1. From within Siebel Tools, check out (for local use) or lock (for server use) the project which contains the Workflow objects.

    NOTE:  You must check out the Workflow objects only if you are using a local data source. You check out the Workflow objects just like any other repository objects. If you are logged on directly to the server data source, check-out is not needed.

  2. In the Object Explorer Types tab, choose the Workflow Process type.

    The right pane shows an Object List Editor (OBLE) window with a list applet containing all the workflow processes.

  3. In the Workflow Process OBLE, right-click and select New Record to create a new workflow process record.
  4. In the Process Name field, give the workflow a name that is short but meaningful.
  5. Your new workflow process must belong to a project. Scroll to the Project field and from the picklist, choose the project to which you want the workflow to belong.
  6. In the Description field, enter a description.

    Use this field to describe the purpose of the process and any special requirements or notes.

  7. In the Business Object field, choose the business object that the workflow process involves.
  8. In the Workflow Mode field, choose the type of workflow process: long-running, interactive, or service.
  9. Enter other relevant details.
  10. Right-click the record and choose Edit Workflow Process.
  11. Drag and drop shapes (palette items) from the palette to the design canvas to build the workflow diagram. For information on workflow steps, see For Developers: Workflow Process Steps. For more information on diagramming a workflow using the Palette Designer, see Diagramming a Workflow Process.
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