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Using Process Designer in Siebel Tools

You use the Process Designer in Siebel Tools to configure workflows to meet the specific needs of your business. In this release, the Process Designer resides in Siebel Tools and the Workflow Process object type is a new top-level object type in the Object Explorer within Siebel Tools.

Siebel Workflow is a configuration object. The Workflow Process object type belongs to a specific project, but it does not get compiled and it is not part of the repository merge that happens during the upgrade process.

Because the Process Designer is in Siebel Tools, data objects are available for use as you design your workflow processes. Changes to repository data are immediately available for use in a workflow process without the need for a compile of the SRF. You can use configuration data (business component fields and other repository information) while you are building your workflows. For example, if you have a List of Values (LOV) such as Account Status (with values of Gold, Silver, and Bronze) you can use a newly added LOV in the definition of your workflow process conditions as you are defining them. As another example, if you add a field to a business component, that new field is readily available for use in Process Designer.

The type of data that is not available for use in designing workflow processes is the run-time data such as an account name or a ZIP code and other transactional data. To use run-time data as you are building workflow processes, make the data a process property variable. For more information, see About Process Properties. You can also hardcode the run-time data in your workflow process, if you need this flexibility, by using unbounded picklists.

All business services are available for use at design time, both those business services defined in Siebel Tools and those defined in the run-time client.

More information on the Process Designer's design functions, applet fields, and palette items is included in the following sections:

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