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Field Descriptions: Workflow Processes Applet

Table 3 describes the fields in which you enter data to define workflow processes, in the Workflow Processes applet.

Table 3.  Workflow Processes Applet Fields
Possible Value

Auto Persist

Sets workflow persistence.


Process Name

The name of the process.

Required. A descriptive name that is:

  • Consistent with your overall naming strategy
  • Meaningful to the designer of the process
  • Unique


The current status of the process.

  • Not In Use
  • In Progress
  • Completed

Workflow Mode

The workflow process type.

The workflow process types are the following:

  • 7.0 Flow. A 7.0 workflow process provides backward compatibility for existing Siebel 7 (pre-7.7) workflows.
  • Long Running Flow. A long-running workflow process is a persistent workflow that can last for hours, days, or months.
  • Interactive Flow. An interactive workflow process navigates the user across Siebel views.
  • Service Flow. A service workflow process executes a set of operations upon event invocation.


This field applies to pre-7.7 workflows.

NOTE:  Do not use this field for new workflows you create. Use the Project field instead.


The name of the project to which the workflow process belongs.



The version number of the process definition.

Read-only. The default version is 0. The version number increments by one when you use the Revise button to modify an existing process definition.

Business Object

The name of the associated business object.

(Optional) This value is selected from a picklist of business objects. Only business objects with a defined primary component appear in this picklist.

See Planning Workflow Processes for more information on defining the primary component for a business object.

Error Process Name

The name of the workflow process to call as the error process.

Choose from the picklist of predefined workflow processes.

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