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About the Design Functions of the Process Designer

You use the Process Designer in Siebel Tools to build your workflow processes. While drawing your workflow processes in the Process Designer, you can:

  • Copy and paste. Copy and paste workflow palette items within a workflow as you are building it. When you copy a step, its associated branches are copied along with it.
  • Edit shape properties and layout. Define shape colors and other attributes such as the look of the line, the fill pattern, and the font for labels. Create consistency by controlling alignment of shapes and by making shapes the same size as others in the workflow process.
  • Zoom. Zoom in and out on the Process Designer Palette to view the workflow process you are drawing at various magnifications.
  • Copy drawings. Copy workflow drawings into another application, such as a Microsoft Word document.
  • Print. Print a drawing of the workflow process.
  • Show branch labels and exceptions. You can choose to show or hide the names that label connectors within a workflow.

The copy-paste function works as Windows applications do with the CTRL+C and CTRL+V key combinations. The rest of the design functions are employed by right-clicking the Process Designer Palette.

For more information, see Process Designer Palette Items.

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