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Overview of Siebel Business Process Designer

This chapter provides a conceptual overview of Siebel Business Process Designer, also referred to as Siebel Workflow: a customizable business application that allows you to define, manage, and enforce your business processes.

Using Siebel Business Process Designer to manage business processes in your organization, you can address such challenges as:

  • Automating escalation of events and notification of appropriate parties
  • Routing and assigning work
  • Processing work
  • Enforcing authorization and transition rules

This chapter is organized as follows:

Siebel Business Process Designer

Siebel Business Process Designer is the configuration interface and the administrative interface for Siebel Workflow. These interfaces bring together Workflow Processes and all other repository configuration objects, including the Workflow Policies module, for creating a comprehensive workflow design.

  • Workflow Processes. Allows you to define your company's business processes using a familiar flowcharting interface. A workflow process consists of one or more process steps such as start steps, subprocesses, decision points, and tasks.
  • Workflow Policies. Allows you to define policies that can act as triggers to execute a process. A policy consists of conditions and actions. When policy conditions are met, the policy action executes the relevant process.
Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide