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Using the Send Page Program Type

The Send Page Arguments applet displays if you select the Send Page workflow policy program type in the Workflow Policies Actions applet.

Send Page Arguments and Values

Table 36 shows the arguments and valid values for the Send Page workflow policy program type.

NOTE:  Numeric paging is inherently unreliable because of a lack of a computer protocol for sending numeric pages. If you must send a numeric page, you can use the Pager Pin field in the employee table to control the delay between dialing the paging phone number and sending the numeric message. Add commas to the Pager Pin field. Each comma is roughly equal to a half-second delay. Avoid using the numeric paging feature in mission critical applications.

Table 36.  Send Page Program Type
Valid Values When Used by Action

Numeric Message Template

Numeric message when pager is numeric.

Alpha Message Template

Text message when pager is alphanumeric.

"Current" is a reserved word in Siebel Workflow. Do not use this word in messages.

Available Substitutions

Dynamic fields that you can use in the Alpha Message Template.

When the action executes, the substitution value is populated with the value from the record that meets all the workflow policy conditions.

Request Key

A string indicating which Page Manager should execute the action. You use this when multiple Page Managers are running. When you specify a request key string, it should match the Request Key parameter of the Page Manager that you want to execute the action. Leave this argument blank when you are running one Page Manager or when the Page Manager that executes the action is not important.

When setting the Send Page arguments, note the following:

  • Siebel Workflow Policies automatically determines the correctly formatted message depending on what type of pager the person being paged has.
  • If neither of the message arguments has a value, Workflow Policies logs an error message and the action is not completed.
  • You can send only pages to employees. The pager information for an employee is stored in the Employee Administration view. The Siebel database currently does not store pager information for contacts.
  • Messages support substitution of values that come from the Available Substitutions field.
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