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About the Recipients Applet

Table 41 describes the fields in the Recipients applet.

Table 41.  Recipients Applet Fields
Possible Value


The possible values are dependent on the workflow policy program selected for the action. Recipients apply to workflow policy programs that are of the Send Email, Send Page, and Send Message Broadcast type.

  • Send to Employee. Picklist of employees.
  • Send to Position. Picklist of positions.
  • Send to Contact. Picklist of contacts.
  • Send to Relative. Send to an individual or group of individuals (such as a service request owner or opportunity team member) related to the Workflow object (such as an Opportunity or Service Request).
  • Send to Address. Represents a direct email address for programs that send email.


Name of the recipient based on the recipient type.

Contact name, employee name, position, or relative of workflow policy object to send an email, page, or message broadcast.

NOTE:  Messages are sent based on position. When choosing an employee as the recipient, note that if multiple employees occupy the same position, the message is sent to all of them, even though you are only choosing one employee as the recipient.

The Send to Relative recipient type sends an email or page to an individual or position associated with the current record. For example, you can send an email to the primary sales representative of an opportunity (when all the conditions of the policy are met).

Send to Relative is also used when you wish to configure a custom Send to <xxxx> recipient. Because you must use one of the Recipient Type choices in the picklist (Send to Employee, Position, Contact, or Relative), you use Send to Relative to define a custom recipient type.

NOTE:  Email Manager does not send email to the same recipient twice for the same action. If it detects that an email has already been sent to a specific email address, another one is not sent. If the Send to Relative type returns more than one recipient, each recipient is sent an email as long as each email address is unique.

The Send to Position recipient type allows you to send to the primary employee of this position without having to know the name of the person (the employee must be ACTIVE). The Send to Contact recipient type allows you to pick any available contact in the Siebel system.

NOTE:  The only time the Action Recipients applet is available is when a Send Email, Send Page, or Send Message Broadcast program is selected in the Actions applet.

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