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About the Workflow Policy Component Columns View

This view displays a list of columns that can be monitored from the selected workflow policy component. To navigate to workflow policy component columns, choose Workflow Policy Object > Workflow Policy Component > Workflow Policy component column. The Workflow Policy Component Column view lists all the columns available for monitoring.

Table 52 describes the workflow policy component columns values.

Table 52.  Workflow Policy Component Columns Properties Fields

Workflow Column Name

The name of the column defined in the workflow Policy Component Column view.

A picklist of all columns that were defined in the Workflow Policy Column view for the table that the workflow policy component is based on.


The name of the column as it appears in the Conditions Field picklist in the Workflow Policies Policies view.

The default is the workflow policy column name.

  • A descriptive name that is:
  • Consistent with your overall naming strategy.
  • Meaningful to the policy maker.
  • Descriptive of how the column is used.


Indicates whether the record was added or edited.

A check mark indicates that the record has changed.

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