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Setting Up the Siebel Server for Email Manager

Some workflow policy actions allow you to send email messages to specific individuals. To send email using Workflow Policies, an SMTP/POP3-compliant mail system must be working properly on your network and the Email Manager component of the Siebel Server must be running. You must also set the Mail Profile parameter to the name of the messaging profile you want to use for sending the email. You can use any SMTP/POP3-compliant client programs to verify your settings, including Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook.

When you create your messaging profile, you must be logged into the same account that is used to start Siebel Server. This account is specified when Siebel Server is installed.

To find the account used to start Siebel Server

  1. Under Settings, bring up the Control Panel.
  2. Click Services.
  3. Scroll down and select Siebel Server.
  4. Click the "Startup..." button.
  5. When the Service dialog box appears, locate the account used to run the Siebel Server Service in the This Account field.

More information on using Email Manager is provided in the following sections:

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