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Using Workflow Action Agent

The Workflow Action Agent process submits a request to Email Manager and Page Manager when actions are to be taken.

NOTE:  You will need to create a component definition for each Workflow Action Agent task.

Workflow Action Agent:

  • Processes requests logged in the action request table (S_ESCL_ACTN_REQ) for a single group.
  • Invokes all actions linked with the Workflow policy being processed.
  • Logs email and page actions in the S_APPSRVR_REQ table for execution by
    Email Manager and Page Manager.
  • Purges requests from S_ESCL_ACTN_REQ after processing.

If the Use Action Agent parameter is set to TRUE in the Monitor Agent process, you need to perform the following steps to start the Action Agent process.

To run the Workflow Action Agent process

To shut down the Workflow Agent process

When restarting a workflow policy process, a Workflow Agent process immediately begins tracking all relevant activities that have occurred since it was shut down.

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