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Starting Workflow Agent Processes Automatically with Siebel Server

You can specify that the Workflow Agent Process for a Workflow Group automatically starts when the Siebel Server is started.

To start a Workflow Monitor Agent Process automatically

  1. In the Siebel client, from the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Server Configuration > Enterprises > Component Definitions.
  2. In the Component Definitions list, select the Workflow Monitor Agent in Server Components and set the parameters in Component Parameters to the following values:
    • Group Name. Enter the name of Workflow Group you want to start under Current Value. It will be copied to Value on Restart.
    • Default Tasks. Enter 1 under Value on Restart for starting one Workflow Agent.
    • Use Action Agent. Default is False, which means Workflow Action Agent is run automatically in Workflow Monitor Agent.

      See Table 67 for a detailed description of these parameters.

      NOTE:  If you want to Workflow Action Agent to run as a separate process for the above Workflow Monitor Agent, follow the above steps plus the following revised Step 2: Enter True under Current Value for Use Action Agent.

To start multiple Workflow Monitor Agent Processes for multiple Workflow Groups

  1. Create a defined component as a Server mode component with WorkMon Component Type, and then assign the component to Siebel Server.
  2. Create a defined component for each additional Workflow Group.
  3. Follow the steps listed above to configure each component to start automatically.
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