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Concatenating Process Properties

You can use process property values in your expressions by concatenating workflow process properties with other process properties or with text. For example, you want to concatenate these process properties so that they appear as "Welcome to SupportWeb."

  • ProcessProperty1= "Welcome"
  • ProcessProperty2="to"
  • ProcessProperty3="SupportWeb"

You must create a ProcessProperty4 = "Welcome to SupportWeb."

To concatenate process properties

  • Define a Wait step with these values:
    • Output Argument = ProcessProperty4
    • Type = Expression
    • Value = [&ProcessProperty1]+' '+[&ProcessProperty2]+' '+[&ProcessProperty3]

      The ampersand ("&") indicates that this is a process property. The process property you indicate can also be the name of a business component field. The process property cannot hold any binary data.

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