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Field Descriptions: Input Arguments for Business Service Steps, Subprocess Steps, and Wait Steps

Input arguments allow you to define values that you want to pass to a service method. Many methods require input arguments. Table 9 describes the fields in the Input Arguments applet.

Table 9.  Input Arguments Applet Fields
Possible Value

Input Argument

For business service steps only: the name of the input argument.

This field is required. The picklist displays input arguments existing for the selected business service method.

A method argument appears in this picklist if it has been defined as a business service method argument, the Hidden flag is set to FALSE, and the type is input or input/output.

Subprocess Input

For subprocess steps only: the name of the input argument.

This field is required.


The type of argument.

This is a required field. The picklist contains the following choices:

  • Literal
  • Process Property
  • Business Component
  • Expression


A string value.

For Literal and Expression type input arguments. This could be a picklist, depending on the argument selected. String values can only be a maximum of 32,767 characters.

Property Name

The name of the business process property.

For Process Property-type input arguments.

Business Component Name

The name of a business component within the business object of the business process.

For Business Component-type input arguments.

Business Component Field

The name of a field within the business component.

For Business Component Field-type input arguments.




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