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Defining Fields for a Siebel Operation Step

NOTE:  If the Siebel Operation step will perform an insert operation, make sure that all required fields have been added to the Siebel Operation step. System fields and predefaulted fields are automatically populated.

To define fields for a Siebel operation step

  1. With the appropriate Siebel operation step selected in the Process Designer, right-click and choose Show Fields.
  2. In the Input Arguments applet, right-click and choose New Record.
  3. In the Field Name field, select the name of the field to be updated.
  4. In the Type field, choose an input argument type. The choices available are:
    • Literal
    • Process Property
    • Business Component
    • Expression
  5. If the field type selected is Literal, enter a value.
  6. If the field type is a Process Property, select a property name.
  7. If the field type is a Business Component, select the applicable business component name and business component field.
  8. If the field type is an Expression, enter the expression in the value field.
  9. Enter any appropriate comments.
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