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Defining Siebel Operation Search Specifications

You can define search specifications to identify the specific data on which to perform the operation. Search specifications are used when the business component has multiple records and you want to perform the operation on only some of the records. For example, if you have a process for the Account object and you want to update only those Opportunities with a lead quality of Poor, you would define search specifications to access only those Opportunities.

To define Siebel operation search specifications

  1. With the appropriate Siebel operation step selected in the Process Designer, right-click and choose Show SearchSpec.
  2. In the Search Specifications applet, right-click and choose New Record.
  3. In the Type field, select a search specification type. The choices available are:
    • Literal
    • Expression
  4. In the Search Specification field, enter search specifications.

    CAUTION:  Define your Siebel operation search specification as efficiently as possible, so that only the smallest necessary set of rows will match. Search specifications that select a large set of rows could cause severe performance degradation.

  5. If the search specification type is expression, select the applicable business component name.

NOTE:  A search specification of type Literal is executed as written. For example, [Status] LIKE '*Open*'. A search specification of type Expression allows you to construct a search specification dynamically. For example, "[Contact ID] = ' " + [&New ID] + " ' " will be evaluated to [Contact ID] = '1 - ABC' if the New ID process property is 1 - ABC at run time.

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